One Day Trip to Singapore: February, 2019

Hi good peeps, I hope you have a very good day πŸ™‚

On February 17, 2019 I visited Singapore for the second time with my mom and sister. It was their first time. I became their tour guide even tho I’m not really expert about Singapore roads or places. I live in Batam so Singapore is only an hour ferry ride from Batam Center International Ferry Port to Harbourfront Port in Singapore. I used Batamfast ferry, the fares only 275k Idr (Indonesian Rupiah) per person. I bought the booking code ticket at Indomaret (store) and I had to convert it at Batamfast counter at the port. 

Shortly we arrived there and start walking from Harbourfront to Vivo City mall. Then we go upstairs at 3rd floor to buy Sentosa Monorail ticket. Fares for monorail was 4 SGD per person. You could use monorail to transit to Sentosa Island to visit the Universal Studios Singapore. You could also walk to Sentosa Island but it’s pretty far for me.

From USS we back to Harbourfront MRT Station and got my mom and sister MRT EZ-Link Card. It was still 12 SGD and the balance was 7 SGD that you could use for MRT and bus. If you need more you could top up.

So we took MRT to Bugis to find food cause we were hungry. But before that there was funny moment where we wrong read sign and took elevator to car park area, lost and afraid that the elevator not gonna work and we didn’t know who to call and ask for a help. But elevator worked, so we kept walking and met two Indian workers and they showed us the way out πŸ˜€ once again Thank you..

After arrived at Bugis, we walked and stopped at Bugis street to buy some stuff that we could carry back home. If you go to Bugis Street, there’s a lot of cheap stores there which sells shirt, snacks, watches, etc included store that sells a drink for 1 SGD. I bought one taste Malaysian Pineapple something and the taste was meh haha maybe I’m not get used with that..

Finally we find a food place that we wanted. Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen. It’s American fast food restaurant. So we stopped there to eat. Another funny moment that I could not understand the crew member at that fast food restaurant, she was old worker and speak english in Singaporean way, and she wanted to help us order food thru self order board, and she was speak one by one word. It took me hard time to understand what she said cause the accent and she got mad πŸ˜€

After eat we continue walk to Haji Lane, the most trending spot at Bugis nowadays especially if you wanna take photos for instagram feeds. It’s near Sultan Mosque and Arab Street. You just need map to go there from anywhere around Bugis.

Done from Bugis we took MRT to Bayfront MRT Station, then interchange line to stop at Marina Bay MRT Station. At Marina Bay MRT Station it’s connected to the mall at Marina Bay Sands, so it’s pretty easy and comfortable. At Marina Bay Sands you could go upstairs if you wanna visit Garden by The Bay and see Esplanade so very close. But that day was rain so we stuck and could’t go anywhere. But I like when it rain when you on travel. The memories you have become so strong and just good vibe that you always wanna remember. If you like shopping branded stuff, Marina Bay Sands Mall is the heaven. But you could also just do shop eye anyway..

The rain finally stop. So we decide to go back home. So we back to Marina Bay MRT Station and back to Bayfront and take interchange line to Chinatown, after that we take another interchange line to Harbourfront. At harbourfront we bought some chocolates. anything you carry with SGD looks cheap but it’s actually pricy in IDR πŸ˜€

At boarding place waited for our ferry. It was 6 pm when we were inside ferry to go back to Batam. It was nice experience to use ferry that time cause I saw sunset and felt ferry ride at night. And obviously enjoyed ocean at night.

Well, that’s all big lines of experience tourguiding my mom and sister in Singapore. We actually kinda lost at one plaza that I don’t remember and tried to order Grab but the driver wouldn’t show up. So we walk back to a MRT station to visit another place πŸ˜€

After an hour we finally arrived at Batam Center Ferry Port again. And breath free to be in my own country again that I love. Batam, Indonesia..

See you in another post guys..
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Pengalaman Mencairkan JHT BPJS Ketenagakerjaan

Hai teman-teman, kali ini saya mau bercerita sedikit tentang pengalaman pribadi mencairkan JHT BPJS Ketenagakerjaan. Semoga dapat memberi pencerahan bagi yang ingin mencairkan JHT-nya.

Mencairkan JHT BPJS Ketenagakerjaan ternyata tidak seribet yang saya pikirkan. Sangat mudah, asalkan semua persyaratan data lengkap dan sesuai. Berikut persyaratan yang wajib ada:
1. Fotocopy KTP (membawa yang asli)
2. Fotocopy KK (membawa yang asli)
3. Kartu BPJS Ketenagakerjaan asli (nanti akan diambil oleh petugas dan tidak dikembalikan)
4. Fotocopy Paklaring (Surat Pengalaman Kerja) membawa yang asli.
5. Buku Tabungan Bank
Jika semua persyaratan sudah lengkap silahkan datang ke Bank BNI terdekat atau langsung ke kantor BPJS Ketenagakerjaan yang ada di wilayah tempat tinggalmu.

Bulan Februari 2019 kemarin saya mencairkan JHT melalui bank BNI Cabang Sentosa Perdana (SP) Batu Aji, Batam. Karena saya tidak memiliki rekening tabungan, maka saya membuat rekening baru di Bank BNI tersebut. Pagi pagi sekitar jam 4 sebelum subuh saya sudah menunggu di bank tersebut menemani bapak security untuk mengambil antrian. Kenapa pagi sekali? Karena dalam satu hari bank BNI hanya melayani 10 antrian pencairan JHT BPJS Ketenagakerjaan. Setelah mendapat antrian saya diminta datang lagi jam 6.30 pagi untuk mengisi formulir pencairan JHT BPJS TK dengan langsung membawa semua berkas.

Jam 6.30 saat saya sampai di bank BNI tersebut sudah ramai beberapa orang yang juga akan mencairkan JHT hari itu. Kami pun dibagikan formulir pencairan JHT BPJS TK dan juga formulir pembukaan rekening BNI. Setelah itu kami menunggu sampai jam saat bank dibuka, security mempersilahkan masuk dan kami diminta menyerahkan KTP dan KK asli. Customer Service pun mulai memanggil nama kami satu persatu.

Singkat cerita, nama saya di panggil. Customer service memverifikasi semua berkas saya sekaligus membuat akun rekening BNI untuk saya. Modal setoran awalnya adalah Rp. 250.000,-. Tak lupa saya meminta Mobile Banking untuk diaktifkan supaya lebih mudah dalam bertransaksi. Akhirnya saya pun selesai mengajukan pencairan JHT BPJS TK hari itu, dan customer service mengatakan saldo akan cair dalam 5 hari kerja. Keesokan harinya, saya mendapat telepon dari BPJS Ketenagakerjaan bahwa saya harus datang ke kantor BPJS Ketenagakerjaan yang berada di Tiban dengan membawa paklaring asli. Saya mengiyakan dan datang keesokan harinya lagi. Setelah saya datang dan menemui petugas ternyata di surat paklaring saya tertulis “paklaring untuk mencairkan JHT” jadi petugas minta melampirkan yang asli, bukan fotocopy. Bagi kalian yang di paklaringnya tidak ada pernyataan khusus “untuk mencairkan JHT”, maka paklaring asli tidak akan diambil oleh petugas. Selanjutnya petugas mengatakan dana akan cair dalam 10 hari kerja, tapi ternyata alhamdulillah dalam 3 hari sudah cair πŸ™‚ bertepatan dengan hari ulang tahun saya πŸ™‚

Begitulah pengalaman saya mencairkan JHT BPJS Ketenagakerjaan. Terima kasih untuk BPJS TK yang sudah melayani customer dengan baik πŸ™‚
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It’s not about who’s wrong
It’s just me who easily feels everything
I’m not open up to people who I don’t think I should
Not because I’m a mean person or arrogant
I’m not like what you think such as “oh she dates a foreign guy, she’s so arrogant now”
No! I am definitely not that kind of arrogant person.
If you wanna play or be friends with me, come here, I’m open up to it. But don’t talk about my personal life or relationship cause I split my social life, my personal life and my relationship.
There’s the time you’ll know everything when I trust you so much. When I know you’re not that someone who likes to talk about other people’s life to others.
And now I distant myself from those people not as intense as used toΒ 
Cause I just don’t want to be in Β negative vibes or circle , I don’t want to be together with people who talks about somebody else when they’re not around
I don’t want to be friends with people who puts me down with their words
Their existence supposed to lift each other’s up if their intention to be friends is truly means that.
I’ve passed situations where I finally realize who I should keep and who I should leave. I’ve realized that I don’t really have those people to keep me company when I’m down. Who don’t want to hear every story that I tell. Saying words that I never expect them to say. Not stick or sacrifice or even help when I need. That’s messed up.
But I’m so grateful when I lose those people I still have one, who become so real to me. And that’s my best friend. He’s not around but he’ll always listen to every single thing that I share about problems that I have, big or small, bad or good, he listens without judging me. He knows that I’m this kind of person.

But eventually I do believe there’s still kind person and kind hearted people out there. πŸ™‚

I’m sure there’s so many people out there who feels the way I feel. Feel free to share story here..
In the next chapter I’m gonna tell what’s actually happen to me..
Thank you..
Spreading love.. xx